Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus

Professorship for Inorganic solid state chemistry

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus




The Kraus groups studies the basic mechanisms of the formation and the properties of colloidal particles and their interfaces. At INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials, it uses such mechanisms to join molecules, polymers, and colloidal particles in order to form materials. (Link)

We study how the properties of composite and hybrid materials depend on their microstructures and how to change them. To this end, we systematically vary size, geometry, chemical composition, and arrangement of the materials’ constituents. We observe how microstructure and interfaces form and affect material properties to create transparent conductive layers of metal nanoparticles for electronics, composites of conductive polymers with optically active particles for sensors and supraparticles that contain optically active nanoparticles, for example. We see particles as the basis of future “active nanocomposites” that can interface with electronics and change their properties whenever required.



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