Fund for teaching and studies

Information on the use of tuition and compensation funds

Since SS 2010, tuition fees are no longer charged at Saarland University. However, the state has provided compensation funds as a substitute.

All students and employees of the UdS can therefore still submit proposals for measures to improve the quality of teaching and studying.

The procedure

To standardize the process, we have developed Internet-based forms for the subjects of chemistry, pharmacy, and materials science and engineering.

Please submit your applications using these forms only.

After you have entered your application, you will receive a password by e-mail, which you can use to add to or adjust your application until the submission deadline. Therefore, please keep this password in a safe place.

Please submit your application only in the subject area in which you study and thus benefit from the improvement. In doing so, it is advantageous if you coordinate in advance with the contact persons in your subject. These are the elected student representative and the subject coordinator of the respective subject. Of course, you can also contact the student representatives.

Here we go! - The application forms

The application deadline for projects of the summer semester is 20.1., for projects of the winter semester 20.6.



Materials Science and Engineering


Systems Engineering

Who can I contact with questions about my project idea?

You can discuss your ideas with the respective student councils, as representatives of the student council work together with the study coordinators and the managing professors of the department to prepare the funding proposals based on the applications. Of course, you can also contact the study coordinators or the faculty management directly.


Projects in the field of life sciences

For projects in the field of life sciences please contact ZHMB or ZBI.