Prof. Dr. Markus Gallei

Professorship for Polymer Chemistry

Professor Dr. Markus Gallei


In the Gallei Lab, we focus on the development of nano-structured (porous) polymeric materials and colloids with stimuli-responsive properties. Our research is inspired by structures from nature and their outstanding ability to create macroscopic functions by molecular and hierarchically structured design.

In the field of synthetic materials, we work on multiple length scales ranging from 10 to 1000 nm by developing novel concepts in polymer synthesis (comprising anionic, cationic, emulsion, dispersion and controlled radical polymerization techniques) and postfunctionalization strategies as well as control over the (directed) self-assembly of tailor-made polymers into ordered (porous) hybrid structures.

This interdisciplinary concept brings together methods from fields of polymer chemistry, colloidal chemistry, and self-assembly in order to create new nanomaterials that can serve as building blocks for advanced technologies such as photonics, smart membranes, and ceramic templates.





Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Gallei
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