We mainly focus on questions about river morphology and river ecology, both in research and teaching. Another one of our research interests is about environmental change influenced by climate change and anthropogenic activities. In addition to linking research and teaching, a connection to practical experiences is achieved through a long-term collaboration with ministries, regional authorities, and environmental organizations.

Our methodological focus lies on environmental analysis, applied geoinformatics, pedology, geomorphology and remote sensing. We maintain a great number of cooperations with local and regional authorities and engineering consultants. Together with the European Cultural Park Bliesbruck-Reinheim, we maintain a cross-border cooperation with French institutions.


Die Physische Geographie und Umweltforschung befindet sich am Standort Dudweiler:
Beethovenstraße/Am Markt, Zeile 2, Raum 2.0.06, 66125 Dudweiler


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Universität des Saarlandes
Physische Geographie und Umweltforschung
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