Saad ur Rehman


Saad ur Rehman

PhD student


Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Campus C4 1, Room 1.16

66123 Saarbrücken


T: +49 (0)681 302-2358

F: +49 (0)681 302-2028




Curriculum Vitae:

Saad graduated with a Pharm- D degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Karachi University, Pakistan, in 2016. After graduation, he worked as a formulation scientist in the R&D in the Pharma Industry, mostly at Getz Pharma, in Pakistan, particularly in designing oral solid dosage forms. In 2022, he completed the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery at Université Paris Cité, France. He completed his master's thesis in an Italian Pharmaceutical company called Alfasigma, where he worked on the preparation of polymeric nanoparticles with a microfluidics system for the loading of Antibodies. In 2024, he was selected for a PhD position in the GreenX3 project, co-funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and UK Research and Innovation. he has now started his doctoral research at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at Saarland University in February 2024.


Research Topic:

Spinning disc system- based approaches for continuous and green manufacturing of innovative drug delivery systems