Bachelor Seminar Econometrics


Our chair continuously offers the Bachelor seminar "Econometrics".
In this seminar you learn about Financial Market Analysis, Forecasting, Empirical Asset Pricing and Machine Learning.
Students have to write a seminar paper and present the results to the other participants in a blocked seminar.


  • An independent empirical of quantitative study forms the core of the work.
  • For topic selection, please hand in a preference list with at least 3 topics.
  • Scope: Alone 10 pages (+/-1 page), 12 pages (+/-1 page) for groups of 2 and 15 pages (+/-1 page) for groups of 3.
  • Use of an appropriate statistical software (such as R, MATLAB, STATA, etc.) is recommended.
  • A mere literature review is not sufficient.
  • The seminar paper can be written either in German or in English.
  • Further tips and formal requirements can be found in theguidelines.
  • Assessment: 60% written work, 40% presentation.
  • A LaTeX-Template for writing the Seminar Paper can be foundhere.


  • Kick-off meeting:
    • Date: 24.07.2024
    • Time: 14:00 - 15:00
    • Location: Bldg. C3 1, Room tbd
    • Note: Please note that in this meeting only the topics are beeing presented. The topic assignment respectively the preparation period starts at a later date (between 01.08. and 01.10.) and is going to be announced during the kick-off-meeting.
    • Submission: tbd
    • Presentation: tbd


    A list of possible topics for the Bachelor Seminar "Econometrics" can be found here.