Chair for Genetics and Epigenetics

Our research group focuses on the investigation of epigenetic phenomena associated with development and disease. The following research areas are of particular interest: Characterization and functional analysis of imprinted genes, Epigenetic mapping of genomes (Epigenomics), Research into epigenetic programs in stem cells, Evolution of epigenetic mechanisms. We use and develop state-of-the-art molecular methods and bioinformatic data analysis pipelines and we produce large molecular data sets in our own Sequencing Facility. As coodinator of the German Epigenome Program we significantly contributed to the first epigenetic atlas of all human cell types. We are member of the International Human Epigenome Consortium.



Registration Open – Functional Epigenomics Conference 2024

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Functional Epigenomics Conference 2024. We invite participants to submit abstracts for a poster presentation and/or a short talk.

The conference, organized by Jörn Walter, Julia Schulze-Hentrich, and Fabian Müller, will take place from May 27 to 28, 2024, at Saarland University, Saarbrücken.

Please find more information about registration here.


Lecture on the de.NBI Cloud

On 17 April 2024, Alexander Sczyrba (Bielefeld University) will give a presentation on the de-NBI Cloud, which enables integrative analyses for the life sciences community in Germany and the efficient use of data in research and application.

The talk is part of a virtual lecture series hosted by the German Human Genome Phenome Archive (GHGA) that explores various aspects of data-driven medicine and its ethical, legal, and social implications.

Please find more information here.



Podcast on decoding cell programmes with single cell analysis and AI

A recent podcast episode with Prof. Fabian Theis (Helmholtz Munich) explores how human cells perform different functions despite having the same instructions, and how single cell analysis and artificial intelligence can help understand these cell programmes.

The episode is part of the German Human Genome Phenome Archive (GHGA) science podcast titled "Der Code des Lebens” which focuses on various aspects of human genome research (in German).

The podcast and further information are available here.