Project: Saarland University as an attractive employer

Current challenges on the labour market

Saarland University sees itself as a modern, forward-looking and diverse university that keeps pace with the demands of the times by delivering excellent research and teaching as well as a supportive working atmosphere that values every individual. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering our employees a wide array of services that range from core administrative services and attractive opportunities for training and professional development through to supporting a healthy balance between work and family life. Conscious of the increasingly competitive higher education market and the demographic changes that are creating a more candidate-driven recruitment market, we are committed to continuously improving our services so that we meet the challenges of the future.

Strengthening our position as an employer

To achieve this goal and ensure that we become an even better employer, our HR Division launched the ‘Strengthening HR marketing – Saarland University as an attractive employer’ project in summer 2020. The project team is analysing how the university is seen as an employer and is using these valuable insights to develop an employer brand strategy. Building on this foundation, the team is devising concepts and implementing measures for recruitment management, applicant management and employee life cycle management. The tools being developed range from guidance documents to process improvements and digitalization, through to revising or redesigning our support services. We also take into account the needs of both current and prospective employees – i.e. future applicants. By providing support with the application process, ensuring a smooth recruitment and onboarding process, encouraging continuous professional development and maintaining contact during the entire employee life cycle, we aim to make the entire process as constructive and positive as possible for our current and future employees.


Details of the three sub-projects

Recruitment management

Objectives: In order to attract new employees, this sub-project focuses on improving the university’s website and public perception of the university as an attractive employer. A new careers section is being created on the Saarland University website. Social media will also be used to boost the university’s visibility in the labour market.

Our career website

Current vacancies

Applicant management

Objectives: The aim of the applicant management sub-project is to centralize and standardize our application and recruitment processes. The focus here is on introducing an application management system and developing onboarding procedures. The goal is to make processes more efficient and transparent for everyone involved and to improve onboarding for new employees, e.g. through the introduction of the new digital welcome package.

Electronic personnel management (ePM) 

Welcome package for new professors

Digitale welcome package (Intranet)

Employee life cycle management

Objectives: This sub-project focuses on implementing support services that will enable all university employees to balance the changing demands of their professional and personal lives over the course of their working lives. Measures include identifying and clearly communicating information on career paths in both academic and administrative/technical areas as well as introducing a talent management scheme.

ELC support services at Saarland University


Collaboration across the university

Addressing these topics successfully involves collaborating with many different areas of our university. This project would not be possible without close cooperation with key stakeholders within the university as well as with each individual employee. By working together, we can create a university that provides an excellent working environment for all its employees.

We look forward to your feedback

This project relies on feedback and input from university staff. We would welcome your ideas on how to improve existing support services or how to create new initiatives to deliver the goals set out above. For example:

  • What do you like about the university as an employer?
  • What could the university do better as an employer?
  • Do you see room for improvement in any areas and do you have suggestions to address this?
  • What support would you have liked to have had during your onboarding?
  • What information would help you work more successfully?
  • What obstacles do you encounter in your daily work and how could they be eliminated?
  • What additional support services would you like your employer to provide so that you can better balance your personal and professional responsibilities? (e.g. professional development opportunities, advisory services, etc.)

Please send us your suggestions on these and other aspects via our anonymous feedback form.

Feedback form

You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail: arbeiten(at)


Project team

Karoline Jorzyk
Head of the Human Resources Department
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Helena Kadau
Project staff
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Eva Schmidt
Project staff
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Sonja Große
Head of Central Services
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Raluca Judele
Project staff
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Anne Woelk
Project staff
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