London 2009


Visiting a Transcultural Metropolis


15. January

Talk and Discussion: Roderick Matthews Doyle reads from his recent book on Indian History, followed by a discussion with Farrukh Dhondy about the historical significance of Mahatma Ghandhi.


16. January

Exhibition:Indian Highwaysat the Serpentine Gallery. 

Screening: Omkara (Othello) at the Nehru Centre


17. January

Exhibition: Signs Taken for Wonders:Recent Art from India and Pakistanat the AICON Gallery

Drama: The Recognition of Sakuntala at the Union Theatre


18. January

Excursion through the Brick Lane area

Film: Slumdog Millionaire at Cineworld Haymarket


19. January

Exhibition:London Sugar and Slavery. Museum in Docklands