Saarbrücken 2014

The physics departements of the universities of Rennes (France), Posnan (Poland), and Saarbrücken (Germany) organize together a trinational winter school for undergraduate and graduate students.  SOFTMAT CONTROL (Soft Matter - evolution, control of complexity and challenges) is granted by the european ERASMUS intensive program for 3 years.


After Posnan and Rennes, the last edition of the Softmat Control intensive programme will take place at the University of Saarbrücken, from february 17th to 28th 2014. 



Introductory Lectures

H. Cailleau (Rennes): Introduction to the control of complexity in materials
C. Wagner (Saarbrücken): Introduction to non-linear physics
M. Kurzynski (Poznan): Protein molecular machines
R. Pelster / R. Lefort (Saarbrücken / Rennes): Glass transition phenomenology



Specialized Lectures

L. Santen (Saarbrücken): Stochastic transport in complex systems
J. Kubicki (Poznan): Introduction to femtochemistry
A. Lipowski (Poznan): Spin models of glass transition 
F. Artzner (Rennes): Biomimetic self-assemblies
P. Huber (Saarbrücken): Fluidics with nanoporous membranes 
P. Panizza (Rennes): Digital Microfluidics
A. Ott (Saarbrücken): Biological transport and signalling
H. Rieger (Saarbrücken) : Theory of flow in nanoporous media
K. Jacobs (Saarbrücken) : Boundary conditions in thin films
J. Gapinski (Poznan) : Optical methods of nanoparticles physical characterization
R. Seeman : Forced multiphase flows in porous media
L. Courbin (Rennes) : Dynamics of wetting
P. Rabiller (Rennes) : Aperiodic self-assemblies 
M. Banaszak (Poznan): Block copolymer assemblies




Hands on, scientific cases and laboratory

1) Atomic Force Microscopy on soft samples: Polymers, Proteins, Bacteria
2) Atomic Force microscopy to reveal "hidden" properties of surfaces: hardness, magnetism, friction
3) Optical Tweezers - Brownian motion in confinement
4) Capillary Extensional Rheology - High speed imaging of viscoelastic droplet break up
5) Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: DNA hybridization and diffusion
6) DNA hybridization in an evanescent field
7) Infrared spectroscopy on alkanes: detecting molecules, phase transitions and confinement effects
8) Dielectric spectroscopy to study molecular dynamics: glass transition and crystallization of alcohols in silicon nano-channels

Highlights der Physik 2014


27.9.-.2.10.2014 Saarbrücken Tbilisser Platz

Ausstellung, Experimente, Vorträge, Showprogramm
Eintritt frei.

Das Wissenschaftsfestival "Highlights der Physik" gastiert seit 2001 von Jahr zu Jahr mit welchselnder  Thematik in einer anderen Stadt - in diesem Jahr in Saarbrücken. Unter dem Motto "Quantenwelten" stehen Themen aus der Quantenphysik und der Quanteninformationstechnologie im Mittelpunkt.

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