How can I enrol as a part-time student?

Important: Formal re-registration or enrolment at Saarland University required

You always need to formally re-enrol before we can process your application to study part-time. That means that we can process your application to study part-time only after you have transferred the semester fee. Note: The amount to be paid remains the same regardless of whether you study part-time or full-time.

Please refer to the examination regulations governing your subject to find out how to proceed or consult your programme adviser for more information.

Please check whether you are entitled to part-time study before enrolling and transferring the semester fee. The semester fee cannot be refunded at any time.

Applying for part-time study

To study part-time, you need to submit an application to study part-time. Your application for part-time study will always be granted for one semester only; you need to re-apply every semester.

When applying for part-time studies, you must submit suitable evidence supporting the reasons for your application. Please note: If you fail to provide the required supporting documents, we cannot process your application. The supporting documents to be submitted are listed on the application form. Please send the signed original application form by post to the examinations office responsible for your degree programme or hand it in personally.

A student that remains as a part-time student may be required to undertake a study counselling interview every two semesters with the counselling or advisory service responsible for the student’s programme of study.


Students on some degree programmes must apply for part-time semesters at least two weeks before the re-registration deadline ends.