Mathematisches Kolloquium

The next talk in the mathematical colloquium will take place Friday, 17th of June 2022, 1:45 pm in room 024 in the Max Planck Institute for Informatics building.

Title: Decidability in Dynamics via Geometrization
Speaker:  Prof. Dzmitry Dudko (Stony Brook University)
The equivalence of topological objects is often decided by introducing much more rigid geometric structures on pieces obtained by canonically decomposing the objects into smaller geometrizable components.
We will discuss how geometrizations of dim=3 manifolds, of surface homeomorphisms, and of branched coverings of the 2-sphere allow solving the Homeomorphism Problem for 3-manifolds, Conjugacy Problem in Mapping Class Groups, and Thurston Equivalence in Complex Dynamics.
All three problems are related; our emphasis will be on the last case.