Mathematisches Kolloquium

The next talk in the mathematical colloquium will take place Friday, 24th of June 2022,  2:15 pm in HS IV and via Teams.

Title: Ocean waves in a changing climate: A tale of making waves, breaking waves and broken ice
Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Henrik Kalisch
Understanding the global climate system, and how to best mitigate the increasing demand on our natural resources is one of the great scientic challenges of our time. The world's oceans cover about 70% of the Earth's surface, act as a vast heat reservoir and also take up a large share of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As such, the oceans are at the centre of the climate puzzle.
In this lecture, we will consider various types of wave motion occurring in the world's oceans, rivers and lakes, including surface waves, internal waves and hydro-elastic waves in solid or fragmented ice sheets. We will examine the importance of internal waves, wave breaking and ice formation on the global ocean circulation, and we will show how mathematical modeling, scientic computing and laboratory experiments combine to improve our understanding of small-scale processes such as wave breaking and interactions with surface ice.