The GPP rests on the two pillars "advanced training" and "mentoring". In the advanced training module, GPP members have the opportunity to participate in various one-day workshops on topics that go beyond what is regularly taught in the psychology Masters degree program at Saarland University. For example, these workshops will cover advanced training in research methodologies (e.g., meta-analysis, Bayesian Statistics, ERP/EEG methodologies) and multidisciplinary qualifications (e.g., scientific writing, safeguarding good scientific practice). The mentoring module specifies standards for mentoring by the direct supervisor that complement and broaden the supervision agreement between the doctoral student and the supervisor (e.g., regular one-on-one meetings). This module offers opportunities for further supervision and peer-to-peer intervision (e.g., doctoral students’ journal club).

PhD students who complete all parts of the GPP receive a certificate documenting their successful participation.