Doctoral students from the departments of Psychology, Educational Science, and Sports Science at Saarland University are welcome to take part in the GPP. If spaces are available for specific events, also postdoctoral researchers from these departments may participate.

At the end of their dissertation, successful doctoral student members of the GPP receive a certificate attesting their participance. To receive the certificate, participants have to fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  1. Meetings with supervisor: Regular meetings between PhD student and supervisor at least once per month
  2. Workshops: Attendance of at least five one-day workshops offered by the GPP during the time as a doctoral student
  3. Journal Club: Regular attendance of the monthly doctoral students' Journal Club (at least two out of three meetings per semester) for a minimum of four semesters
  4. Lab Meetings: Regular attendance of the Lab Meetings of one's working unit throughout the time as a doctoral student
  5. Research Colloquium of the Department: Regular attendance of the Research Colloquium (at least two-thirds of all colloquia during a particular semester) throughout the time as a doctoral student
  6. Further education: Additionally, it is recommended that GPP doctoral students also regularly attend workshops offered by GradUS or the Zentrum für Schlüsselkompetenzen und Hochschuldidaktik (e.g., one workshop per semester)