Scholarly inquiry focuses on comparative perspectives on Canadian culture, operating with a transnational consciousness that offers a global perspective on Canada. In particular, the researchers in Forum Canada examine specific literary, historical, political, geographic, and cultural conditions of Canada's multicultural society.

Research and teaching activities pay attention to relations between Canada and Europe, focusing on the mutuality of the relations and their embeddedness in a global, hemispheric and transatlantic context. There is also a strong focus on regional studies.

International Research Training Group

German - Canadian IRTG: Diversity - Mediating Difference in Transcultural Spaces

Some issues addressed in both research and teaching are:

  • Difference, belonging, identitarian spaces in Canada and Quebec
  • Ethnic minorities and the specificities of marginalization
  • Processes of hybridization in mainstream Canadian society
  • Transcultural urban spaces – the metropolitan city in Canada and the process of globalization (in culture, literature and media)
  • Cultural transfers between Canada, Quebec, the Americas and Europe