CHRONIOUS Ontology Suite

CHRONIOUS Ontology Suite

The CHRONIOUS Ontology Suite has been constructed within the FP7-ICT project CHRONIOUS, the primary aim of which was the development of an integrated telemedical platform for monitoring the general health status of patients with chronic health conditions (mainly COPD and Chronic Kidney Diseases) and providing decision support for the clinicians treating them.

Part of the CHRONIOUS platform is an ontology-powered literature search tool providing efficient and accurate access to recent research literature on COPD and CKD for health care professionals. Publications are annotated both with classes from the CHRONIOUS ontologies and with terms from the MeSH thesaurus. Thus, the CHRONIOUS literature search system combines the terminological knowledge and the multi-linguistic capabilities of MeSH with the clinical expert knowledge encoded by ontologies as topic-neutral representations of the items (objects, processes, qualities, dispositions, functions, etc.) in the domain of the etiology, diagnosis and therapy of COPD and CKD.

The CHRONIOUS Ontology Suite consists of

  1. the Middle Layer Ontology for Clinical Care (MLOCC)
  2. the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Ontology (COPD)
  3. the Chronic Kidney Disease Ontology (CKD)


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