SS21: Implementation of a personalized Chatbot (Software Project)

Softwareproject (max 6 students)

held by:           Ernie Chang, Prof. Dr. Vera Demberg

time:                16:15-17:45 hrs, on Wednesdays

start date:       14th Apr 2021

suitable           MSc in Language Science and Technology /
for:                   BSc in Computational Linguistics


I m p o r t a n t   I n f o r m a t i o n

  • The meetings of this seminar will take place virtually on MS Teams.
    Interested students should join the following team on MS Teams such that we can plan accordingly.



This software project will take on the collaboration with an arts project by the artist Louisa Clement.

Her project consists of an embodied avatar, that looks like her, has same weight as her etc. So it should be a digital clone, so to say. The avatar includes motors so it can move, and, relevantly for us, a chatbot component, that should also talk like her.

The artist has already prepared a set of 3000 questions and answers, which should allow the clone to give the same answers to questions as she would give. The software project should hence consists of a) a simple retrieval-based dialog system which matches real questions to the questions in her set and then gives the appropriate response. In a further step, we want to extend the conversational abilities of the chatbot, and here is where your creativity also comes in. We could do style adaptation to the existing chatbot so it talks more like her, for instance.

The arts project will tour the world, and will be covered also by media including ZDF and Spiegel. 

A maximum of 6 students will be allowed into the project. All who are interested are welcome to the first session. At least some of you should have prior experience with Java and/or Android.

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