Faculty & Staff

English linguistic faculty

Members of the chair of English Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Remus Gergel (Head of Chair)

Sylvia Monzon (Secreterial assistant)

Martin Kopf-Giammanco (Lecturer, Research assistant)

Maike Puhl (Lecturer, Research assistant)

Mohammad Bablli (Lecturer, Research assistant)

Nicolaie Dascalue (Student assistant)

Maryam Rajestari (Student assistant)

Dana Rebar (Student assistant)

Robin Wagner (Student assistant)

Also in the field of English Linguistics

Members of the adjunct faculty

Dr. Carrie Ankerstein (Senior lecturer)

Dr. Henry Rademacher (Senior lecturer)

Eva Nossem (Adjunct lecturer)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer (Adjunct lecturer)