Prof. Dr. Dirk Wentura


Universität des Saarlandes
FR Psychologie

Campus A2 4
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Raum 2.05.2
Telefon (+49) 681/ 302 4642
Fax (+49) 681/ 302 4049


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I am a cognitive psychologist with strong interests in the intersection of cognitive psychology and emotion research, a field whichb is sometimes termed as "cognition and emotion". I use “cognition and emotion” a bit in analogy to the use of “social cognition” for the intersection of cognitive psychology and social psychology. “Cognition” thereby stands for cognitive psychology, its approaches, its theories, and methods. First of all, this means to give high priority to experimental paradigms (like affective/evaluative priming, semantic priming, negative priming, Stroop, flanker, cueing, visual search). Experimental paradigms in cognitive psychology are basic designs which are associated with a replicable, non-trivial effect and room for variations such that they are sometimes considered – a bit emphatic – as “windows to the mind”. “Emotion” thereby is a place holder for something more broad than emotions in a narrow sense: It stands for evaluative and affective processes in general, for example, automatic evaluation processes.