Dr. Michaela Rohr

Universität des Saarlandes
FR Psychologie
Gebäude A2 4
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Raum 2.05.3
Telefon (+49) 681/ 302 6577
Fax (+49) 681/ 302 4049




Key research interests:

  • Emotional information processing focusing on the extracted information, as well as the underlying processes and mechanisms (e.g. Do we only extract valence, or anything beyond? Based on cognitive or affect-related physiological processes? Are there individual differences?)
  • Emotional skills as competence of psychotherapists; lack of emotional skills as deficit (e.g., in violent offenders)
  • Emotion and Cognition and how they interact to produce adaptive or maladaptive behavior (e.g., the importance of emotional skills (and deficits) in specific groups (i.e., psychotherapists and patients in psychotherapy)
  • Attention, Perception and Emotion (e.g., How does emotional information or the emotional state of the perceiver influence attentional and perceptual processes?)
  • Implicit social cognition (i.e., affective and cognitive processes influencing spontaneous judgments and decisions) including a wide range of paradigms and methods (e.g., priming, reversed correlation, spatial frequency filtering, physiological variables such as startle reflex and facial responses assessed with electromyography, incidental memory, etc.)