Standing Commission

What are the responsibilities of the Standing Commission?

Suspected cases of scientific misconduct are forwarded by the ombudspersons of Saarland University to the Standing Commission for the Investigation of Allegations of Scientific Misconduct for further examination if required - while maintaining strict confidentiality for the protection of the whistleblower and the persons concerned. Also an anonymous report will be reviewed in a procedure, as long as the anonymous whistleblower presents reliable and sufficiently tangible facts.

How does the examination procedure operate?

If a preliminary examination substantiates the suspicion of scientific misconduct, a formal investigation procedure is opened by the Standing Commission. The Commission consults in a non-public, oral hearing and examines whether scientific misconduct has been committed by independently assessing the evidence.

Thereafter, the procedure can move forward in two directions: On the one hand, the procedure can be terminated if the Commission considers misconduct to be unverified. On the other hand, if the Commission deems misconduct to be substantiated, a suggestion for a decision can be drafted for the university's executive board. The suggested decision describes the specific misconduct and contains proposals to the university's executive board concerning the possible consequences under academic, labour or civil service law, disciplinary law, civil law or criminal law - depending on the severity of the misconduct.