Mathematics for Economists

Course Description

The course adresses to all Bachelor students in Economics.

After a successful participation students can handle basic mathematical concepts and apply them in the context of economic problems.
In particular, students learn about Set Theory and Logic, Sequences and Limits, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Multivariate Functions, Matrix Calculus, Linear Systems of Equations and Linear Optimization.


  • Credit Points: 9
  • Semester: Wintersemester
  • Scope: Lecture: 4 SH, Tutorial: 2 SH
  • Course Language: German
  • Exam: Written exam at the end of the semester (120 min.)


  • Lecture:
    • Date: Tuesdays 10:15 o'clock until 11:45 o'clock
    • Location: Audimax, building B4 1
    • Start: 24. October 2023
  • Tutorial:
    • In separate small groups. One exercise sheet per week.
    • Dates:
      • Wednesdays 12:15 o'clock until 13:45 o'clock (B4 1 0.05, MS Teams)
      • Thursdays 08:30 o'clock until 10:00 o'clock (B4 1 0.26, MS Teams)
      • Thursdays 10:15 o'clock until 11:45 o'clock (B4 1 0.26, MS Teams)
      • Fridays 10:15 o'clock until 11:45 o'clock (B4 1 0.06, MS Teams)
      • Fridays 12:15 o'clock until 13:45 o'clock (B4 1 0.06, MS Teams)
    • The group attended can be chosen freely each week. There is no need to pre-register.
    • Start in the second lecture week (from 30. October 2023)
    • Exercises on public holidays are canceled without replacement. Please attend another exercise group during these weeks.


Lecture and tutorial notes can be found on Moodle.

Additional test exercises with integrated feedback are available on Moodle (registration required for the separete moodle class "Testaufgaben Mathematik für WirtschaftswissenschaftlerInnen" ).


Set Theory
Set of Numbers
Inequations and Absolute Value
Power Laws

Sequences and Limits
Real Functions
Continuous Functions
Differential Calculus
Extreme Value Problems
Integral Calculus

Linear Algebra
Linear Space
Linear Systems of Equations
Linear Optimization

Analysis 2.0
Multivariate Functions
Differential Calculus
Extreme Value Theory


  • T. Arens, F. Hettlich, C. Karpfinger, U. Kockelkorn, K. Lichtenegger, H. Stachel: Mathematik, current edition. Springer Science and Business Media.
  • H. M. Dietz: Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, current edition. Springer Verlag.