Anmeldung und Überweisung
  • Genetic counseling is available to all those seeking advice * regardless of age, gender, nationality and ideology.
  • The advice always takes place in a personal conversation on the premises of our institute. In order to be able to plan enough time for the questions of those seeking advice, a prior registration (usually by telephone; Tel. No. 06841-162 6605) and an appointment is essential. Genetic inquiries can only be answered by telephone in exceptional cases.
  • To settle the accounts with the health insurance company, we only need a referral slip from the family doctor, gynecologist or similar. If people looking for advice come to us with their partner, we only need a referral slip for this partner, even if medical-genetic laboratory tests are initiated for them should be.

* The feminine form is expressly included in the designations “advice seeker”, “advisor”, “partner”, etc.!


We usually allow around 1 hour for a consultation. In our experience, most issues can be largely discussed within this time frame. If you have any questions or at the request of those seeking advice, we will of course arrange further appointments for medical and psychological-psychotherapeutic discussions.

* The feminine form is expressly included in the designations “advice seeker”, “advisor”, “partner”, etc.!

Inhalte und Ablauf der genetischen Beratung

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  • At the beginning of the genetic counseling, we work with those seeking advice on their previous illnesses and that of their families over at least three generations. Medical findings that are already available are discussed with regard to their medical-genetic significance. Likewise, the procurement of missing documents or the implementation of additional necessary investigations are discussed and planned.
  • The genetic counseling itself deals with questions related to the occurrence or fear of a congenital or genetically (partly) conditioned disease or disability. Genetic counseling helps to understand medical-genetic relationships and shows risks and possibilities that are important for the person seeking advice.
    • In particular, the following topics are usually dealt with in a genetic counseling session:
      Development, course and treatment as well as possibilities and limits of prenatal and postnatal diagnostics in the case of congenital or genetically determined diseases and disabilities that appear later in life;
    • the importance of genetic factors in the development of the disease and their effects on the likelihood of illness for the person seeking advice or their relatives. If possible, a statistical calculation of the disease risks is carried out. In some cases, the level of disease and recurrence risk can only be estimated.
    • If exogenous (external) exposure to radiation, alcohol, medication or drugs play a role, the risks and the possibilities for prevention and therapy as well as prenatal diagnostics are discussed.
  • After the genetic counseling, we prepare a detailed written summary of what has been discussed. This advisory letter will be sent to the person seeking advice and the referring doctors specified by him. In this letter, we strive to use understandable wording. Should questions or misunderstandings arise while reading, we expressly welcome further inquiries.

* The feminine form is expressly included in the designations “advice seeker”, “advisor”, “partner”, etc.!


Berater und Schweigepflicht
  • Since many medical-genetic issues also cause great emotional stress for those seeking advice, genetic counseling at our institute is usually carried out jointly by medical and psychological advisors.
  • We as consultants do everything we can to help those seeking advice in their decision-making, taking into account their very personal and family situation. We try not to influence the decisions of those seeking advice in any way. Rather, we consider the personal values ​​and attitudes of those seeking advice and respect the decisions they have made.
  • The use of genetic counseling is basically voluntary. It is carried out in compliance with the confidentiality obligation applicable to medical measures. This also means that we do not contact the family members of a person seeking advice on our own initiative. It is entirely at the discretion of the persons we advise directly whether and to what extent they inform relatives about the content of the counseling interviews they have had with them.

* The feminine form is expressly included in the designations “advice seeker”, “advisor”, “partner” etc.!

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