ZHMB Junior Research Group Human Genetics

The Junior Research Group Human Genetics was initiated by the University of Saarland in 2001 as one out of six junior research groups within the Center for Human and Molecular Biology at the university's Medical Faculty. The laboratory is accommodated at the Department of Human Genetics, headed by Prof. Dr. Eckart Meese.
The various Junior Research Groups are furthermore engaged in lecturing and practical courses for students in Human Biology with emphasis on Human and Molecular Biology.


Research Objectives

The main research objective of our junior group is a class of small RNA molecules (miRNAs) and their implications in different diseases. We analyze miRNA expression profiles of different normal human tissues and changes of these profiles in various tumor diseases (e.g. brain tumors, childhood renal tumors, lung cancer). Aside from the question how a disturbed miRNA profile can influence cellular signaling pathways, we have a second focus on the question if miRNAs can be used as minimal-invasive molecular biomarkers for a disease. To answer this question, we compare miRNA profiles in serum or blood of patients with controls and identify miRNAs, whose abundance level significantly differs between the two groups.

Projects for bachelor and master theses are regularly available. Please inquire via email for details.


Dr. rer. nat.
Ludwig, Nicole
Head of Junior Research Group Human Genetics

Building 60, Room E.06
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Office hours: after prior registration by email

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