ESPlot Software


The software ESPlot allows communication between a microcontroller-based electronics and a computer over e.g. serial communication interfaces. In particular, in applications where the microcontroller is executing a real-time process, signals can be streamed to a computer in a synchronous way and data can be sent to the real-time process in an asynchronous way. ESPlot allows to record and plot signals to screen by means of time plots, FFT plots as well as X/Y plots. ES Plot has been designed in order to provide high performance. For this reason, it needs multi core CPU as well as of a dedicated GPU supporting OpenGL 3.2. The PC software as well as the microcontroller software was designed completely platform-independent.

Everybody who wants to participate to the development of ESPlot is highly welcomed to get in contact with the authors.

This software has been developed at the Laboratory of Actuation Technology under supervision of Prof. Nienhaus by Emanuele Grasso and Niklas König.