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The group of Prof. Dr. Vera Demberg is affiliated with the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Language Science and Technology

Aktuelles / News:

  • New members have joined the lab in September 2022: Welcome to Ruitao Feng and Dr. Sebastian Schuster!
  • New members have joined the lab in July 2022: Welcome to Iza Škrjanec and Dongqi Pu!
  • Projects A8 and B2 have been accepted for funding as part of the third phase of SFB 1102!
  • Our lab is hosting a visiting scholar from Zhejiang Gongshang University (China) from June 20, 2022 for a one-year research period: Welcome to Dr. Jingqi Yan!
  • Dave Howcroft successfully defended his thesis "Learning to Generate"! Congratulations Dr. Howcroft! (Oct 2021)
  • Katja Kravtchenko successfully defended her thesis "Integrating Pragmatic Reasoning in an Efficiency-Based Theory of Utterance Choice"! Congratulations Dr. Kravtchenko! (Oct 2021)

In the news (selected)

Research Topics

  • Computational Cognitive Modelling
  • Experimental Psycholinguistics
  • Information-theoretic Models of Language Processing
  • Coherence Relations in Text, Pragmatics
  • Natural Language Generation

Current Projects

Completed Projects


Open Position: 

Please contact me at demberg(at)coli.uni-saarland.de if you'd like more information on these positions.