The Department of Language Science and Technology was established in 2016, bringing together the  former departments of "Computational Linguistics and Phonetics" and "Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting".

Our research and teaching span many areas of language science and technology, including computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, speech science and technology, language technology, corpus linguistics, and translation science and technology.

The department has a long tradition of joint research and teaching with Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology, and the Philologies at Saarland University and collaborates with many other institutions both nationally and internationally.

Studieninfotage an der Universität des Saarlandes

Die Fachrichtung wird bei den kommenden Studieninfotage ihre Studiengänge vorstellen:

* B.Sc. Computerlinguistik: Freitag, 6. März, 15:45 Uhr, Geb. E13

* B.A. Language Science: Freitag, 13. März, 12:45, Geb. B41

Visiting researcher: Dhruv Motwani

Dhruv Motwani (dmotwani(at) is visiting Prof Demberg's lab for the duration of three months. His research interests are: discourse analysis, open domain question answering, coreference resolution, and matrix sketching. He has worked as machine learning engineer and applied scientist for past three years across San Francisco and London.  His research will be in project B2.



DFG-Talk Prof Koller

Professor Alexander Koller gave a public talk in Munich on November 6 entitled, ‘Hey, Siri! Ok, Google! – Wie Maschinen lernen, Sprache zu verstehen.’ The talk focused on natural language understanding in the context of voice assistants.  The talk slides and audio recording are available on Professor Koller’s website.


UdS submission to the shared task of CoNLL 2019

The UdS submission to the 2019 Conference on Computational Language Learning (2019) shared task, Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing (MRP 2019), placed fourth overall out of 18 teams, as well as 1st overall on both the PSD graph bank and the Little Prince subset. The team was one of nine to successfully submit results for all graphbanks. The team was comprised of current LST Masters students Matthias Lindemann, Mario Mina, and Pia Weißenhorn; Ph.D. candidate Jonas Groschwitz; postdoc Lucia Donatelli; former postdoc Meaghan Fowlie (now professor at Utrecht University); and professor Alexander Koller. The team presented a compositional neural parser based on previous group work (Lindemann et al., 2019; Groschwitz et al., 2018), which used a decomposition algorithm to successfully parse across all graph banks in the shared task. The work was presented at the CoNLL conference in Hong Kong, November 2-4, and published in the conference proceedings.