Building A2 2

  • Head of department
  • Chairs Prof. Dr. Elke Teich und Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith
  • Library for Applied Linguistics, Translation, Interpreting
  • Examination office for the B.A. "Language Science" and the
    M.A. "Translation Science and Technology"
  • Erasmus coordination of the department
  • Seminar rooms

Building C7 1

  • Chairs Prof. Dr. Matthew Crocker and Prof. Dr. Dietrich Klakow
  • Student Council
  • Seminar room U15

Building C7 2 and C7 3

C7 2

  • Chairs Prof. Dr. Vera Demberg, Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller,
    Prof. Dr. Bernd Möbius
  • Examination office for the B.Sc. "Computational Linguistics" and the
    M.Sc. "Language Science and Technology" and
    M.Sc. "Language and Communication Technologies"
  • Seminar rooms -1.05, 5.08, 5.09

C7 3

  • Seminar room 1.12

Building C7 4

  • Conference room 1.17