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    • Language Science (B.A.)

      The study programme combines the basics of language science with computational linguistics, phonetics, machine language processing and human translation. Due to the broad range of subjects and options, it offers great flexibility and the opportunity to tailor the study programme to your interests and aptitudes.

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    • Computational Linguistics (B.Sc.)

      An interdisciplinary study programme at the interface between language science and computer science: If you are interested in how to describe human language with formal methods and how to implement language-understanding systems with a computer, then this study programme - even without special previous knowledge - is just the right one for you.

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    • Phonetics (B.A.)

      Phonetics can be chosen as a mandatory subject in the Bachelor "Language Science", as a complementary subject in the Bachelor "Computational Linguistics" or as a Bachelor complementary subject "Phonetics". The focus is on production, acoustics and the perception of spoken language.

    • Language Science and Technology (M.Sc.)

      The study programme offers the opportunity to focus on the fields of computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, phonetics or speech processing and to participate in research projects. Due to the proximity of university institutes and non-university research facilities, Saar-Uni is one of the leading locations for computational linguistics worldwide.

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    • Language and Communication Technologies (M.Sc.)

      This study programme makes it possible to combine a high-level education with the acquisition of foreign language skills and cultural expertise in specific content and geographical areas. The fields of language technology, computational linguistics, theoretical linguistics and computer science are individually combined.

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    • Translation Science and Technology (M.A.)

      This highly integrated translation and language technology programme is unique in Germany. In addition to linguistic and translation skills, students acquire the technological expertise required in the modern work environment in multilingual communication.

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All about your studies

    • Student council

      Do you need help getting started with your studies? Would you like to take part in exciting events? Or do you have any questions about our department? Please feel free to contact our student council.

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    • Examination offices and counselling

      Our advisors and examination offices will support you if you have any questions about your studies or our study programmes.

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    • Academic exchange

      Interested in academic exchange? Here you will find some useful links.

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