Wegfall der Abrechnungsgutschrift ab 1.10.2020

Self-billing option (Abrechnungsgutschrift) to be discontinued from 1 October 2020

As of 1 October 2020, invited lectures or ‘other services’* rendered to Saarland University, including but not limited to child-care services, ancillary personnel booked for university events, contributions to projects by external partners, expenses for trial participants, test subjects or standardized patients, travel costs and business trip expenses, will require the service provider to raise an invoice in accordance with German invoicing rules and submit this invoice to Saarland University. The previous self-billing process (Abrechnungsgutschriftsverfahren) will be discontinued from the above date. If research assistants and student assistants employed by Saarland University render services to the university that fall outside the scope of their contract, they will be remunerated either by increasing the number of hours specified in their contract or, if that is not possible, by extending the duration of the contract. However, if students are not employed by Saarland University they must issue an invoice for services rendered. The information that a valid invoice must contain is available in our checklist.

* 'other services': sonstige Leistungen as defined in the German tax code 


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