The demand for professional translators and language experts is steadily increasing worldwide, especially due to the significant advancements in machine translation. Individuals who can engage with language, translation, and language technology professionally and on a scientific basis are always in high demand!

Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities available to them: potential employers include globally operating language services, industrial conglomerates, and government agencies. Large international organizations and the European Union have a substantial need for competent translators with digital expertise. Another attractive option is pursuing a self-employed career as a freelancer. Opportunities in the application and development of language services and project management are just as open to you as an academic career in research, starting with a Ph.D. The new and highly qualified Master's program in "Linguistics and Language Technology" at the University of Saarland offers the study and application of a unique integration of career-focused and promising modules for the translator profession of the future.