Rules on vaccinations, testing and infection cases

Who do I report a positive corona test to as a university member?

(date: 12/12/2022)

The obligation to isolate in Saarland will end on 10.12.2022 according to the state's Corona Ordinance. From this date, a separate notification of a Corona illness will no longer be necessary, even via, and the quarantine absence form will no longer be available. After that, please use the usual notification of absence as usual. Persons who are employed in Homburg or in a health facility, please note the separate paragraph of the state ordinance; in this case, compensation for loss of earnings can still be applied for via the payroll department at the health office.

Labour law aspects concerning the largely operational phase

If my child is sick, may I stay at home on paid sick leave to care for him/her?

(Update: 11.01.23)
If the child is sick, parents are allowed to stay at home and care for him or her. Due to the Corona crisis, the number of child sick days was also increased also for 2023. The entitlement to child sickness benefit increased from 20 days per parent and child to 30 days in 2021, and thus to 60 days per child for parent couples. For single parents, too, the entitlement per child doubles from 30 to now 60 days. If there are several children, the entitlement is a maximum of 65 days, and for single parents a maximum of 130 days.


Current information

For more information on the latest developments, please go to the university’s staff portal: Neuigkeiten für Uni-Beschäftigte (available in German only) or Saarland University‘s coronavirus information webpage.