Energy ambassadors

As an energy ambassador you will actively encourage the implementation of the energy efficiency measures agreed at Saarland University. You will participate in regular coordination meetings and you will play an important role in raising awareness of energy efficiency issues among your colleagues. Our energy ambassadors help to coordinate the sustainable use of resources (electricity, heat, water) in university buildings and, when necessary, suggest minor on-site corrections. Examples include reminding users to turn off the lights, shut down computers and switch off instant water heaters, unless it is absolutely necessary that these devices and equipment remain connected.

Click the following link to find out who has volunteered as the energy ambassador for your building. This list is updated regularly and is not accessible from outside the campus network. Buildings marked red do not currently have an energy ambassador. If you would like to volunteer as an energy ambassador in your building, please register by sending an email to the Energy Task Force at energiesparen(at)

A kick-off meeting was held on 17 October where energy ambassadors had the opportunity to learn more about their role. Additional information is available here (uni-internal):

Presentation shown at the meeting
Video recording of the meeting


Energy Task Force