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Here you can find all offers for academic writing in German and English at Saarland University.

Do you need help writing a term paper? Is your Bachelor's, Master's or even doctoral thesis coming up and you would like to be supported in the writing process of your thesis? Or do you currently have no deadlines and no pressure to hand in your thesis, but would still like to improve your academic writing skills?
For all these concerns, you can contact our academic writing team at any time, which offers advice-seekers the possibility of individual writing advice, written text feedback and workshops on all aspects of academic writing. You can find more information about our central offers below.
We are also there for you during the semester break!
Our personal writing advice is currently available via Microsoft Teams, Skype, telephone and email.

All-year-round writing consultation for term papers and theses

You can make an appointment for individual writing counselling at any time. We talk about all the problems and hurdles you are currently facing with your writing and find solutions and writing strategies. 
Writing counselling is available at any stage and for any type of academic work - regardless of whether you are currently planning your Bachelor's thesis or are about to submit a term paper.
Further information on writing counselling.

The ‚Textlupe‘: written feedback on your texts (all year) Never risk plagiarism again - Visit the plagiarism consultation hour

The plagiarism consultation - including a Turnitin check - will help those seeking advice from not falling into the plagiarism trap.

In order to safely avoid plagiarism, it is important to know what types of plagiarism exist (copy-and-paste plagiarism, translation plagiarism, structural plagiarism, etc.) and how to properly integrate sources and citations into the text. Advising is designed to help students being uncertain about using sources to avoid unintentional plagiarism. In addition, term papers and theses can be checked once-only using Turnitin antiplagiarism software. The results of the check will be discussed together in the consultation hour.


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