« Une autre politique du monde ne reposant plus nécessairement sur la différence ou l’altérité, mais sur une certaine idée du semblable et de l’en-commun, est-elle possible ? »

– Achille Mbembe, Politiques de l’inimitié


The Minor Universality project aims to contribute to the debate on universality after Western universalism. Starting from the essential role narration plays in collective imaginaries, it seeks to understand how a new consciousness of universality is under way of being produced in contemporary social practices and cultural expressions such as oral transmissions and narrations of the self, literatures and archives, films and festivals, curatorial spaces and museums. Building on the importance of such concepts as concreteness, reparation, relation and translation, it wants to re-expand the material and medial turns to processes of experience, reflection and agency.

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Universalism & knowledge(s)

A conversation with Gisèle Sapiro (EHESS, Paris)

For the third episode of our series, the Minor Universality research team spoke with sociologist Gisèle Sapiro. This conversation reflects on the political relevance of a sociological quest for objectivity and rationality in an era of alternative facts and identity politics. Building on the Bourdieuian sociological tradition, she surveys the pervasive impact of a thinking across the threshold of a subject-object distinction. Can the habitus operate a cross-cultural analytic for interrogating fields for the concrete production of a minor universality? The emphasis on processes for the production of knowledge leads, eventually, to the relation between Pierre Bourdieu and Jacques Derrida, who were close to one another since the Algerian war. Do we have to defend Derrida and deconstruction against the accusation of rendering impossible any notion of truth?


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Launch of ERC & HKW Residency Programme


We are excited to have launched our residency programme in collaboration with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin with a first digital meeting. Over the course of 2021, the six invited artists will develop idiosyncratic perspectives on narration, curation, and minor universality, leading to an exhibition in Berlin in 2022. For more information on the residency and the fellows, please visit the dedicated project website.