What is the student ID and what do I need it for?

As soon as your enrolment is complete, you will receive an IT account notification letter (Kennungsschreiben) containing your university ID code and the information you need to log in to the university’s IT systems. If you are enrolling at Saarland University for the first time, you can download your IT account notification letter from the student web portal SIM. The letter is available here: Click on the ‘Application’ tile, then go to the ‘Documents’ section and click on ‘My notifications’.

The student or university ID consists of a user ID code (e.g. abcd0001), a master password and an email address. The student ID serves as authentication in various portals and is therefore of high importance during your studies at Saarland University. You should keep the master password in a safe place, as you might need it to create a new password at a later date.

Master password

In order to be able to use all the functions of your university ID code, you first need to change your master password. You should always keep your master password in a safe place, as you might need it later on if, for example, you forget your current password.

E-mail address

Your student email address consists of your personal university ID code and the ending ‘@stud.uni-saarland.de’. This email address is valid as long as you are enrolled and is very important as it is used to communicate crucial information on study-related topics, such as deadlines and dates. We also send your iTan numbers (see below) to this email address.

In order to use the webmail service, you need to change your password regularly. Whenever a change of password is required, you will be informed in good time. You can also redirect the incoming emails to your private email account. More information is available on the email services website.

Student web portal SIM

Study-related documents (e.g. your enrolment certificate) that you may require can be downloaded from or printed via the student web portal SIM. Simply log in with your university ID code and your current password and then click on the ‘Certification/Documentation’ tile to access, for example, your enrolment certificate.


LSF-POS portal

In the LSF-POS student portal you will find, among other things, the online course catalogue and the examination administration, where you can view your grades. You can also print out iTan lists here (see below). To access the portal, simply enter your university ID code (not the applicant number) and the current password.


You need iTans to register for examinations in the LSF-POS portal. Once you’re enrolled, two iTan numbers will be sent to your student email address. You can use these numbers to generate your first iTan list. More information and FAQs on iTAN management are available here.


To use WiFi on campus, we recommend the network ‘eduroam’, which you can log into with your university ID code and password. More information about WiFi is available here.

Microsoft 365

Alle Studierende der UdS können sich mit ihrer HIZ-Kennung und dem Zusatz „@uni-saarland.de“ (z.B. abcd00001@uni-saarland.de) sowie dem persönlichen Passwort bei Microsoft 365 anmelden. Hierbei kannst du über deinen Browser zahlreiche bekannte Apps wie Word, Excel oder das für die digitale Lehre an der UdS besonders wichtige MS Teams nutzen oder herunterladen.

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