FAQs about the online course catalogue (LSF portal)

Important note

As the English language version of the LSF is incomplete, the information provided here is designed to guide users through the German version of the LSF portal. Explanatory translations of the different LSF functions are provided in parentheses.

User name and password

How do I get a user name and password?

Applicants: The SIM user guide explains how to register with the online SIM application portal and how to manage your user account.

Students: Once you are enrolled at Saarland University, you can download your IT account notification letter from the SIM application portal. The IT account notification letter (issued by the University IT Centre HIZ) contains your UdS ID code and your master password. To download it, proceed as follows: click on the tile 'Bewerbung' (Applications), then select 'Dokumente' (Documents), then 'Meine Bescheide' (My Notifications).

University employees: You do not need to register to access the basic functions of the LSF system. You will only need to register if you want to edit LSF content (e.g. enter details about courses or other teaching activities). After completing a training course, you will be given role-based access to the LSF portal. To register for the training course, please contact the IT Service Desk at HIZ.

Why can't I log in with my master password?

The master password cannot be used to log in to the LSF portal. The master password is used solely to generate a new user password. The procedure is essentially the same as that used to change your HIZ password.

How do I print out certificates or other study-related documents?

If you need to print an enrolment certificate or other study-related document, you will need to log into the SIM portal with a valid UdS ID code and your current password.

Managing iTANs

Why do I need an iTAN?

You must use iTAN authentication when registering for an academic examination or assessment or whenever you need to print out another iTAN list.

Where do I get my first iTAN list from?

Once you have enrolled at Saarland University, two iTANS will be sent to your student email address (...@stud.uni-saarland.de). Please note that this can take up to 14 days. These iTANs will be used to generate a new iTAN list in the LSF portal. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the web page www.lsf.uni-saarland.de.
  2. Sign in using your Saarland University ID code.
  3. Click on 'Meine Funktionen' > 'Studiumsverwaltung' > 'iTAN-Listen – Generierung' (My functions > Admin functions > Generate iTAN lists).
  4. Enter the iTAN number that was provided in the email.
  5. Choose the number of iTANs you want.
  6. Click on 'Liste erzeugen' (Generate list).
  7. This will download a PDF file, which you should save on your desktop.
  8. On the LSF page, click on the link 'iTAN-Liste aktivieren' (Activate iTAN list).
  9. The system will ask you to enter an iTAN from the email and an iTAN from the newly generated list.
  10. After entering the iTANs, click on the button 'Liste freischalten' (Enable list).
  11. You can now use the new iTAN list.
I've used up nearly all the iTANS on my list. How do I get a new one?

You can request a new iTAN list in the LSF portal by clicking on 'Meine Funktionen' > 'Studiumsverwaltung' > 'iTAN-Listen – Generierung' (My functions > Admin functions > Generate iTAN lists). The new list can be downloaded as a PDF file. Important note: You need two iTANs from your old list in order to complete the process described above; one iTAN to request the new list and one to activate it.

My iTAN list has been blocked. What can I do?

For security reasons, your iTAN list will be blocked for 24 hours after three consecutive failed access attempts. The block will be removed automatically. You can then access the list as normal.

The field where I type in my iTAN has been disabled. What can I do?

You only have two iTANS left on your list. You cannot authenticate a transaction with the last two iTANs, as you need them to request a new iTAN list. Once you have requested and activated a new iTAN list in the LSF portal, you will be able to enter iTANS as normal again.

I've lost or can't find my iTAN list. What can I do?

You can print out your iTAN list in the LSF portal at any time. But as you will need an iTAN from your list to print the document, you will first need to contact the IT Service Desk at HIZ or request that the iTAN is sent to your email address.

I'm having problems with my iTAN list. Who can I contact for help?

You can either contact the IT Service Desk at HIZ or open a ticket in the online help desk system.

Registering for courses

How do I register for a course or teaching activity in the LSF portal?

Once places on a specific course or teaching activity have been made available in the LSF portal, you will see a link 'belegen/abmelden' (apply/cancel application) next to the course or teaching activity of interest. Click this link to apply for a place on the chosen course or teaching activity. For some courses or teaching activities you can select a date or a particular group. The final step is to click on 'Platz beantragen' (Apply for a place).

How do I prioritize my request for a place on a course?

For details, please refer to the document Veranstaltungsbelegung mit Prioritäten (Prioritizing your request for a place on a course) (currently available in German only).

What is the difference between including a course in your study schedule and applying for a place on a course?

You can enter any course into your study schedule. But you can only apply for a place on certain courses via the 'belegen/abmelden' (apply/cancel application) link.

If I apply for a place on a course or teaching activity, will I definitely be allocated a place?

No, only in some cases. For most courses and teaching activities the procedure for allocating places starts once the application deadline has closed. Once the places on a course or teaching activity have been allocated, you can check your status by clicking on 'Meine Funktionen' > 'Meine Veranstaltungen' (My functions > My courses).

What are the different application status levels?

There are four different status levels: 'angemeldet' (application received), 'zugelassen' (application approved), 'storniert' (application cancelled) and 'Warteliste' (on waiting list).

What does the message 'Zur Zeit keine Belegung möglich' (No places currently available) mean?

If you see this message then either the allocation period for this course or teaching activity has not yet started or it has already closed.

Which email recipient address is used when emails are sent from the LSF portal?

Lecturers and other instructors can send emails to all course participants. These emails will be sent to your university email address.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my courses?

For more detailed information about the allocation of places on a particular course, please contact the relevant departmental advisor or module coordinator.