Studying abroad

Many paths lead abroad

You can study abroad for one or two semesters, for example as part of an exchange programme at one of our partner universities. But you can also go on your own – as a so-called freemover – to a foreign university with which there is no official cooperation.

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Exchange programme or Freemover?

An exchange programme has many advantages: quite high tuition fees are waived, and there are already experiences and structures you can fall back on. However, you can only complete your exchange at one of our partner universities and sometimes only in certain subjects.

If you go abroad on your own as a freemover, you have greater options when it comes to choosing where to study. However, the preparation and follow-up of your stay abroad will be much more time-consuming.

Where to study?

We recommend that you proceed as follows when choosing your place of study:

  1. First decide on your country of choice. It is advisable to make this decision on the basis of your existing language skills. Keep in mind that in some countries, classes are held in English even though English is not the national language.
  2. Then choose a university. This is where you decide whether you will complete your stay abroad as an exchange student or as a freemover. The deciding factor when choosing a university is that your field of study is offered. You can choose from our partner universities (for an exchange), but also from any other university where you can study your subject (as a freemover).
  3. Depending on which country and which university you have chosen, you can then find out about the next steps on the relevant websites or contact the appropriate person in the International Office.

Erasmus+ student in the Netherlands

Wer sich für einen Auslandsaufenthalt an einer niederländischen Universität interessiert, muss keine Angst vor den Sprachbarrieren haben. Denn der große Vorteil: Die Niederländer sprechen perfektes Englisch, egal ob in der Universität, dem Supermarkt oder in der neuen Lieblingsbar. Das hat auch die Studentin der Kulturwissenschaften Lea Kasseckert erfahren, die in Groningen, dem "Klein-Amsterdam" der Niederlande, gelebt hat.


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