History of Saarland University

Founded in November 1948, Saarland University was originally established as a bilingual university that combined French and German educational traditions while offering a unique European perspective. The university was the first to be founded west of the River Rhine after the Second World War. At the time Saarland found itself in the special situation of being partly autonomous and linked to France by economic and monetary union. Prior to the foundation of the University, clinical training courses for medical students had been introduced at the state hospital in Homburg/Saar in January 1946 with the 'Centre Universitaire d'Études Supérieures de Hombourg' established on 8 May 1947 under the patronage of the University of Nancy. Saarland University celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2023.

University Heritage and Historical Research Unit

75 Jahre Universität des Saarlandes

In den 75 Jahren ihres Bestehens ist die Universität des Saarlandes zu einem Forschungsstandort mit starker internationaler Ausrichtung, einer erfolgreichen Gründeruniversität und einem Ort der Wissensvermittlung für alle Menschen geworden. Das hat die Universität im Jubiläumsjahr 2023 mit einem bunten Programm gefeiert: Mit Festakten, Konzerten, Ausstellungen und Initiativen aus den Fakultäten und Einrichtungen hat sich die Universität als attraktiver Standort für Studium, Arbeit, Forschung und Technologietransfer präsentiert.

Rückblick auf das Jubiläumsjahr 2023

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Commemorative anniversary volume: The people, places and events that have shaped Saarland University

The commemorative volume published to mark the 75th anniversary is the first comprehensive account of the history of the university. Over more than 400 pages the authors provide a clear and accessible account of the eventful history of this university with its strong European heritage. The volume also contains a large number of photographs that bring the history of Saarland University to life by showcasing the people and places that have and continue to characterize the university to this day.

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