International profile

'Founding a new university means embracing a new idea and a new goal. Our aim is to shape this university into an instrument of a true European spirit – a place where professors from different nations and students speaking different languages come together.'

This founding spirit – expressed in 1948 by the first rector of Saarland University, Jean Barriol – is still very much in evidence at Saarland University today. Internationality has always been a defining feature of the University and it is an integral part of day-to-day life on campus, where people from different countries meet and interact and where academic study, teaching and research have a strong international component.

The University's international outlook is evident in:

  • the wide range of international degree programmes offered (29 in total, 20 of which lead to either a double-degree or a triple-degree qualification)
  • the large number of international students (around 20%, the average in Germany is about 13%)
  • the many international cooperative programmes (with 240 universities in 28 countries)
  • the substantial levels of European external funding (around €40 million from the 7th Framework Programme alone)
  • its core strategic area 'Europe' that provides an interdisciplinary platform for addressing European issues in both research and teaching
  • the ideal preparation that our graduates receive for careers in the international job market
  • its attractiveness to foreign scholars, scientists and academics
  • the opportunities for cross-border study and research offered by the University of the Greater Region – a network of universities in which Saarland University plays a key role.


Vice-President for Internationalization and European Relations

Dominik Brodowski
Office: International Relations
Phone: +49 681 302-71100

International Relations Division

Johannes Abele and Sonja Karb-Ressing
Phone: +49 681 302-71100
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