Students wishing to enrol or re-register at Saarland University have to pay student services fees, an administrative charge and, in some cases, additional fees. These fees are payable in addition to any tuition fees that you may have to pay for your chosen course of study and any fees payable to the General Student Committee (AStA). Please note that you can only be enrolled or re-registered after we have received all due fees.

Semester fee

All students currently pay a semester fee, which comprises the student services fee, the administrative charge and the General Student Committee (AStA) fee. The semester fee also covers the cost of the semester travel ticket.

Fee amount

Tuition fees

If you are studying for a first degree or you are on a consecutive Master's degree programme, there are no tuition fees, but you will need to pay the normal semester fee (see above).

Non-enrolled students (Gasthörer)

The fees paid by non-enrolled students depend on the number of hours per week studied and range from €81.30 to €156.30 per semester. The amount payable is set out in the application form.

Senior citizen students

Senior citizen students (55 years of age or older) must also pay an additional fee of €400 per semester.

Cross-enrolled students (Zweithörer)

Cross-enrolled students pay €124.90 per semester (€74.90 student services fee + €50 administrative charge + €200 additional fee). The semester travel ticket is not included in this case, nor can it be booked in addition. Cross-enrolled students from universities within the Universitätsverbund Südwest (South-West University Alliance) are exempt and do not have to pay the normal cross-enrolment fees.

Students taking advanced professional study programmes

Students on an advanced professional study programme pay tuition fees. The fees charged for these programmes are listed in the following fee schedule.

Early-access scheme (Juniorstudium)

School students in the university’s early-access scheme are fee-exempt.

Additional fees

Please note that additional costs may be incurred for certain services provided as part of the enrolment or re-registration procedures (e.g. issuing certified copies of documents). For details, please refer to the fee schedule for administrative services (available in German only).

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