If entry restrictions do not apply to the specific degree programme that you would like to study, you can enrol directly with the university provided that you meet the formal enrolment requirements. The subject/programme combinations to which entry restrictions currently apply are shown in the list of academic programmes. If you plan to combine a number of different subjects in your proposed degree programme, please check beforehand that entry restrictions do not apply to any of your chosen subjects.

Enrolment takes place via the Saarland University SIM portals. These are available for the winter semester 2021/2022 until the end of September.

Please select your entry to the SIM portals:

New applicants

Students at Saarland University

If you have any questions about the SIM portals, please visit our support pages, where you will find information, videos and step-by-step instructions.

SIM Saarland support pages

Please use a modern browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) in the latest version for the portal. Apple Safari and Internet Explorer are currently not fully supported.

Zeiträume für die Einschreibung

  • für ein Wintersemester: bis 30. September
  • für ein Sommersemester: bis 29. März

Sie brauchen keine Anmeldung o.ä. vor diesen Terminen vorzunehmen. Die als zulassungsfrei bezeichneten Studiengänge bleiben dies auch bis zum letzten Tag der Einschreibung. Das SIM-Portal ist nur während der Einschreibezeiträume zugänglich.

Benötigte Unterlagen und Immatrikulationsordnung


Immediately after enrolment, the following certificates, which are important for the start of your studies, will be deposited for you in the SIM portals:

  • Ihr Kennungsschreiben mit HIZ-ID, Studierendenpasswort und studentischer E-Mail wird nach vollzogener Einschreibung im SIM-Bewerbungsportal hinterlegt.
  • Alle weiteren Bescheinigungen (z.B. Immatrikulationsbescheinigungen oder BAföG-Bescheinigungen) können Sie anschließend unter Angabe der HIZ-ID und Ihrem Studierendenpasswort im SIM-Studierendenportal herunterladen.

Applicants who have a foreign higher education entrance qualification

Different rules apply if you are a prospective student with a foreign higher education entrance qualification and are planning to enrol for the first semester of a study programme at Saarland University. For further information please see the information for international applicants.

Registering or enrolling as a doctoral research student

As a doctoral research student (PhD student) at Saarland University, you may be required to register or enrol with the Admissions Office. Whether registration or enrolment is mandatory or optional will depend on the faculty at which you will be conducting your doctoral research. Click the following link for further information on registering or enrolling as a doctoral research student.

Admissions Office

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 2, Ground floor
Phone: +49 681 302-5491

Admissions Office

Central Student Advisory Service

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 4, Ground floor
Phone: +49 681 302-3513

Central Student Advisory Service