Excellent supervision, modern infrastructure and a campus with departments, institutes, labs and libraries all close at hand – Saarland University provides students with an ideal environment in which to study. Many of the university departments collaborate closely with one another in both teaching and research. Close cooperative ties also connect Saarland University's scientists and researchers with universities around the world as well as with the many external research institutes.

To get to know our university, we invite you to read the Profile of Saarland University.


Have you heard about GradUs?

The Support Centre for Doctoral Researchers at Saarland University (GradUS) coordinates and organizes the support structure for PhD candidates at Saarland University: financial support opportunities, the organization of workshops, the coordination of work-related and free time activities and a wide range of information.

Visit the website of GradUS

Additional funding opportunities

There are a variety of options to fund your doctorate at Saarland University. On the university website you can find an overview of financing options provided by the biggest foundations as well as useful scholarship databases for researchers and scientists.
If a scholarship is not an option, you can look into the possibility of being employed as a research assistant at your faculty, Please inquire with your supervisor about this option.

Further Informationen

The project "QualitätsZirkel Promotion" offers two booklets for students interested in PhD studies, which can help you with the decision for a doctorate as well as with the first steps to take.

Before you start your doctorate, it is recommended that you thoroughly read the Doctoral regulations and supervision agreement of your faculty. In the regulations you will find information about the requirements for the doctorate, the disputation as well as the duration of the review phase.


PhD candidates with a foreign university degree

If you have graduated from a university abroad (in particular outside the EU), please know that the administrative process of registering the doctorate can in some cases take several months. It is therefore recommended that you start this process as early as possible.

Our Welcome Center supports international PhD candidates and doctoral students with their questions and offers guidance on topics such as visa, German bureaucracy upon arrival, housing etc.