GradUS – The Support Centre for Doctoral Researchers at Saarland University

GradUS promotes a cooperative, transdisciplinary and internationally oriented culture in doctoral research at Saarland University.

What does that mean?

GradUS coordinates and organises support for doctoral researchers at Saarland University: from financial support to the organisation of workshops to the coordination of work and leisure activities or the provision of information. In short: GradUS improves the research conditions of doctoral candidates - and indeed of all doctoral candidates.

What does GradUS offer me?

You can - depending on your wishes and personal interests - participate in GradUS workshops or benefit from the diverse funding opportunities offered by "GradUS global". In addition, you can have your working group or your doctoral researchers' day promoted by GradUS, order official business cards, discuss with other doctoral candidates at the regulars' table or at other leisure activities, or you can simply use the extensive information offered by GradUS.

In any case, GradUS will help you to acquire skills, gain experience and build networks alongside your doctorate, which will be essential for the start of your career.