Booking Enquiries

The conference building of the August-Wilhelm Scheer Graduate Centre is jointly managed by the GradUS graduate programme and Triathlon Transfer GmbH.

Please send booking enquiries to the email address ttgmbh-events(at)uni-saarland.

The conference room is handed over to the users by Triathlon Transfer GmbH. The room is provided free of charge to UdS members, provided it is a scientific or official event organised by the UdS, and for a fee to external users (in an official context) or as part of private events. If interested, additional organisational services can be booked with Triathlon Transfer GmbH (against payment of an organisational fee) or various materials (e.g. bar tables) can be hired.

Important note on private events
Private events without a direct connection to the university cannot usually be held at the Graduate Centre. Furthermore, please note that Saarland University reserves the right to cancel bookings for private events up to two months before the start of the event if the booked date is requested for a university or academic event.