Binational PhD

A binational doctorate enables doctoral candidates to obtain a joint doctoral degree from Saarland University and a partner university outside Germany. Only a single dissertation and dissertation defence is required for this. Depending on the specific agreement, you will receive a doctoral certificate from each of the two universities or a doctoral certificate issued jointly by both institutions.

  • The binational doctoral procedure must be initiated by the doctoral candidates and the doctoral supervisors at both partner universities. They jointly agree on the title, subject, supervision methods, conditions for the defence and award of the doctoral degree on the basis of the applicable doctoral regulations. A written agreement is concluded for this purpose.
  • The agreement for a binational doctorate must be signed by both Saarland University and the partner university.
  • The doctoral candidate must enrol at both universities for the duration of the doctorate or, if necessary, only register. Any semester fees incurred are usually paid alternately at one of the two universities.
  • This is regulated in more detail in the binational doctoral agreement.
  • Once the agreement between the universities of the two countries has been signed, the work is carried out partly in the first country and partly in the other. The doctoral candidate is then jointly supervised by the two dissertation supervisors.
  • The doctoral candidates are registered or enrolled at both universities, but are usually exempt from the semester or registration fees (semester by semester) at one of the two universities.
  • Here you can download the
  • A binational doctorate usually takes three years, but this time frame can usually be extended.
  • Depending on the progress of the work, an exception to the maximum duration of the doctorate may be granted.
  • An application for extension (if required) must be prepared and signed by all partners. The amendment request must follow the same steps as the agreement. Each request for extension must be clearly justified.
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