Useful information for doctoral researchers

GradUS Newsletter

The GradUS newsletter provides information about current events and offers many other news about the doctorate at Saarland University.

Registration and enrolment as a doctoral researcher

Here you will find further information on registering and enrolling as a doctoral candidate at Saarland University.

Doctoral regulations and supervision agreements

Doctoral regulations of all faculties at Saarland University and templates for supervision agreements.

Research Integrity

Here you can access the central website of Saarland University on the topic of "Scientific Integrity" and "Good Scientific Practice". There you will find, among other things, the relevant contact persons at Saarland University for ensuring good scientific practice.

Plagiarism detection software

Here you will find further information on the use of the plagiarism detection software, which is provided by Saarland University as a campus licence.

Bi-national doctorate

If you are interested in starting a bi-national doctorate or are already doing a bi-national doctorate, you will find helpful information on this topic here.