Important notes on participation in GradUS workshops

Participation certificates

Participation in the workshops is certified with a GradUS certificate. Towards the end of the doctorate, an overall certificate can also be issued on request.

Cooperation between GradUS and the doctoral advisory office of htw saar

The GradUS programme and the doctoral advisory office of the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken (htw saar) have been cooperating since 2020, which means that young researchers doing their doctorates at Saarland University and htw saar can generally take advantage of the services for doctoral researchers offered by both universities. This initially applies to the workshops and qualification programmes for doctoral researchers offered at Saarland University or htw saar. Doctoral researchers who are supervised cooperatively by both institutions can be admitted directly to the events of GradUS or the doctoral advisory office of htw saar. Other doctoral candidates from Saarland University and htw saar who are not working on a doctorate in a cooperative project of the two institutions can also take part in the events, subject to availability of places.

Doctoral researchers from Saarland University can find out about the current offers on the website of the doctoral advisory office of the htw saar. If you are a doctoral researcher at Saarland University and are interested in participating in a specific event at htw saar, please first contact the GradUS team, who will then discuss your wish to participate with htw saar.


PhD candidates with a child can apply for free childcare for the duration of the GradUS event.

Insurance coverage

Doctoral researchers are insured for the duration of the event through the Studierendenwerk's insurances, provided that they are either registered or matriculated as doctoral researchers at Saarland University (see more information on registration or matriculation as a doctoral researcher).

Tax deductibility

As a rule, fees for professional training are recognised as income-related expenses. We therefore recommend that you deduct the participation fees for GradUS workshops from your income tax as income-related expenses (training costs). However, the tax offices decide on the recognition on a case-by-case basis.