During the doctorate

The re-registration

To maintain your status of registration/enrolment as PhD student, you have to submit the re-registration for each semester. Every semester you will receive an email with information about the re-registration process. You can also find all information on the website for re-registration.
If you do not fully complete the re-registration process then Saarland University will have to assume that you do not want to continue with your doctorate. In this case your enrolment/registration will be terminated by the end of the respective semester on March 31 or September 30.

Changing between enrolment and registration as a PhD candidate is possible each semester, please submit the request to change the enrolment/registration (currently only available in German) to the Admissions Office: studium(at)uni-saarland.de.

All PhD students, registered or enroled, can:

Specialized offers for PhD students

All PhD students have access to specific offers with regards to academic writing, financial support as well as German courses for international PhD students. These offers are usually all free of charge.

Successful completion or discontinuation of the doctorate

If you do not want to continue your enrolment or registration, you can process your exmatriculation in the SIM student portal.

A successful completion of your docorate will be registered at the Dean's Office. It is not necessary to actively inform any central institution about this, neither do you have to actively de-register from Saarland University. It is sufficient to simply not re-register for the semester following your completion of the doctorate.

If you want to discontinue your doctorate, you can deregister in the SIM Portal or you can simply not de-register for the next semester. If you require a proof of de-registration, it is recommended to actively de-register in this case. Important: please also inform your respective Dean's Office about your decision to discontinue the doctorate.